• "A great way to organise yourself on the phone"

  • Let your App remind you what you want to talk about
  • Ever thought how to improve your memory skills? Ever created to do lists and forgot where you kept them all or the latest one?
  • Ever forgot to talk about that one thing that was on your mind....
  • Good news, NASSO is here. You don't have to miss a note, a discussion point or question to ask when the person phones.

How it Works

Simple, launch Nasso and find your contact.
From the left tray choose a new note add write what you want to be reminded about.
Choose settings icon in top right corner and choose "add note".
Select the contact with a tick and make a note.
Now when you call your contact or contact calls you, your note will pop up and show you.


awesome app great app…..you must try it once….
-Vinod Munde

Must have!
-Madhura Kulkarni

nice one. loved it
-shilpi roy

Really like it, use it at work all the time, don’t miss a trick now

Nice, would be better if you add reminder as well.

Wow fantastic.

Nasso will show you what you want to see point by point.
Your mind can be free from it all and your phone can do the reminding for you.

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